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Ryan Evans (2010)

School:  University of Cinncinatti - Graphic Artist

Primary Project: Dogwood (Intern) Chalet

"I came to Blue Rock Station to develop some skills in farming and ecologically sound construction.  The project I chose for myself was to finish construction on the Dogwood Chalet.  This task included slate roofing, bottle wall & window fabrication, and wooden window framing. Nearly everything was completed using salvaged or found materials.  I also developed a much greater understanding of livestock, particularly chickens and goats.  This experience confirms that I will eventually get some chickens of my own (as soon as I get a space) for egg production in the city.

Besides working hard everyday on a variety of projects that supported the work of other interns, I completed a can wall on the privy, created a simple project management plan for my build, started seeds for the garden, designed and constructed a bottle window (dubbed "The Rosette"), and learned to milk goats.

I believe one of the most unexpected revelations is the sense of leadership in myself.  Being totally in charge of the design decisions for my project enabled me to realize my own abilities in directing people.  I now believe I have potential to become a great catalyst for social justice in the world.  Blue Rock Station has given me the vision and the confidence to set out on my own, to affect great vibrations of change in my circle of influence, as ripples in the water of Life."