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Step-by-Step guide to building your own solar generator for less than $300.

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Consulting available for sustainable building, sustainable energy, project management or just finding your way to a sustainable life.

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Featured on MTV

Our earthship & green living center was featured on MTV (Teen Cribs program) in May 2010 - could Jerry Springer be in our future?.

Living Sustainably - Annie Warmke
This is "Living Sustainably - Annie Warmke - Mars 2014" by Université Savoie Mont Blanc on Vimeo, video of Annie speaking at University in France ...
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  • Exclusive Weekend Sustainability Workshops
    Let your creativity loose and play in the mud. The oldest, and perhaps the most fun way to construct a home.
  • Cool Buildings
    Greenhouses made of plastic bottles, homes made of tires, barns made of straw bales and mud... solar showers, rocket stove, composting toilets, and more.
  • Visit with the Critters of Blue Rock Station
    Blue Rock Station is a working farm, with dairy goats, llamas, free range chickens and the occasional pig or two.
  • Cool Stuff made from Trash - like this Rocket Stove
    We are constantly experimenting with reusing materials, building items such as this rocket stove made with reclaimed bricks, mud and parts of an old barn.
  • Visit Ohio's First Earthship
    Construction began in 1996 on our 2,200 sq ft home made of tires, bottles, and assorted salvaged materials. Designed by famed architect Michael Reynolds, the Earthship at Blue Rock Station was the first built east of the Mississippi.
  • Products and Publications
    We also offer a wide variety of products and publications - from llama poo plant tea fertilizer, to straw bale needles (essential for constructing your own cottage in the woods) to a wide variety of publications (including electronic versions to save on shipping and the chopping down of trees).
  • School Field Trips
    School Field Trips
    From Kindergarten to Graduate School - projects and tours that will educate, inspire and delight.
  • Always Changing, 40-Acre Sustainability Center
    Located in the foothills of the Appalachians, 90 minutes from Columbus, OH.
  • The Gardens of Blue Rock Station - such as this Rain Garden
    The Gardens of Blue Rock Station - such as this Rain Garden
    What is life without gardens. We are constantly experimenting with different forms and plantings. Each season is an new experience.
  • Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Training
    5-Day training program that prepares you to become an ETA certified PV installer.
  • Internship Opportunities
    Join us for a couple of weeks, or a couple of months - learning, working and laughing.

2016 Workshops & Tours

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Partial 2016 schedule...


Additional 2016 Workshops & Tours (Tentative Schedule)

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More of our 2016 schedule (it's early days and this is subject to change - but this is our intention at the moment)...

  • April 2nd - Earthship and Sustainable Farm Tour
  • March 21st - 25th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Pittsburgh, PA
  • April 10th - Building Your Own Solar Generator - in Columbus, OH
  • April 16th - Goat College - at Blue Rock Station
  • April 18th - 22nd - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Cincinnati, OH
  • April 30th - May 1st - Earthship 101 Weekend Workshop - at Blue Rock Station
  • April 30th - Earthship and Sustainable Farm Tour
  • May 7th - Earthship and Sustainable Farm Tour (Mother's Day Weekend)
  • May 9th-13th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Greencastle, IN
  • May 18th - Building Your Own Solar Generator - in Athens, OH
  • May 21st - Earthship and Sustainable Farm Tour
  • May 21st-22nd - Tiny House Weekend WorkDays - at Blue Rock Station

Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Workshops for 2016

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Prepares Students to Sit for the ETA Level 1 PV Certification Exam

Want to learn how to install solar?  Maybe you even want to become certified to work in the solar field.  Now you can spend just five days of training (4 1/2 classroom instruction and 1/2 day taking the certification test) in a location near you - to realize your goal.  We have quite a selection of courses set for 2016 - located across the state (and even in Pennsylvania and Indiana)!

A recent study shows that Solar jobs are growing at a rate 10 times the national average - and that PV installers average starting salaries are in the $20-24 per hour range (about $40,000 - $48,000 per year).

  • Jan 4th - 8th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - at Zane State College, Zanesville, OH
  • Feb 27th - 28th, March 5th-6th, March 12th-13th - PV Certification Workshop (Weekend Edition) - in Columbus, OH
  • March 21st - 25th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Pittsburgh, PA
  • April 18th - 22nd - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Cincinnati, OH
  • May 9th-13th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Greencastle, IN
  • June 13th - 17th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Athens, OH
  • July 18th - 22nd - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Cincinnati, OH
  • Sept 19th - 23rd - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Cleveland, OH
  • Oct 6th - 10th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Dayton, OH
  • Oct 24th - 28th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Wooster, OH
  • Nov 14th - 18th - Solar Electric (Photovoltaics) Certification Workshop - in Athens, OH


ETA Examination fees (normally $150) and course materials (installation toolkit and student workbook - also valued at around $150) are included as part of the course fee.

The course will consist of lectures (about 60%) as well as hands-on labs (also about 40%).  You will work with a working PV system, dismantling and reinstalling it, troubleshooting and ensuring its proper operation.  During the course you will learn to size your system according to your electrical needs, select the type of system that works best for your situation, select all the components for your system, size the wiring and overcurrent protection, price the system, size and select the battery bank (if needed) - basically, when you leave you will be able to design from start to finish a residential solar PV system and install it as well.  This is an introductory course.  We assume you have little or no background in electrical work.  And while there is some math involved, it is basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

This is a comprehensive course on the design and installation of solar electric systems within residential and light commercial structures. It appears to comply with the AIA definition of Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) – related training.  While the organization does not pre-approve courses, this structured course also appears to meet the qualification requirements for 35 hours Continuing Professional Development Education hours as defined by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors.


Exclusive Weekend Retreat Workshops at Blue Rock Station

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Blue Rock Station is offering a number of opportunities for you to join us for some fun and informative skill building weekend workshops.

Our Philosophy: Our vision when we  created Blue Rock Station was to build an interesting and unique learning environment focused on sustainable living practices.  Our classes have never been designed for the masses - only that tiny percentage of the population that thinks and explores new ideas.  In developing each workshop we ask only one question... Would we want to attend this class?

Small Groups: The second part of our mission mandates that we have fun.  So we limit our class size.  The ideal size is 6 students per instructor.  We have been known to stretch that a bit - but we really do try to keep things small and engaging.

Total Immersion: As part of your weekend experience, your registration includes one night's stay in one of our small straw bale cabins.  You will get a chance to experience the quiet snugness of sleeping in a straw and earth plastered cabin, resting in the natural setting of the hills of Appalachia Ohio.

Blue RockStation is a 40-acre sustainability center located in rural southeastern Ohio.  We have several miles of footpaths that you can enjoy while here, as well as an operating homestead where you can watch the milk goats, chickens and llamas do whatever milk goats, chickens and llamas do (we may even get you to help out with chores).

We have a number of unique cabins, each one different and special in their own unique way.  They are available (first come first served, although some preference may be given to couples over single registrations) for reservation when you register for the class (we can discuss the pros and cons of each location).

Meals: If you arrive before 10:30 AM on Sat. you will be included in a light lunch prior to the public tour at 1 PM. High tea is around 3 PM during the tour on Saturday.  Dinner will be Saturday evening after chores. Continental breakfast will be provided on Sunday. Also, we will provide lunch on Sunday.

Dates to Choose from for the workshop weekends for 2015 include:

Register Online:

$195 (single - with a cabin of your own) $250 (two people - sharing a cabin)

No pets please (this is a working farm).  Also, please read the workshop rules and FAQ's for events at Blue Rock Station.